Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Long Weekend

It was the long weekend and it rained, rained and rained some more. In fact the whole long weekend was spent watching tiny droplets splatter against the window panes and listening to grumblings echo from the sky.

It rained out our god daughter's 4 birthday party and it rained out Heritage day. Heritage day also known as National Braai day around these parts was celebrated with homemade pie instead.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Shop + Offerings Update

If you follow along on my Instagram account you would have noticed how I have been waiting ever so patiently (well not really) for this batch of soap to finally cure. And they have! I was also blessed with such lovely comments and feedback on the post update and that always means the world to a crafter. Thank you!

I have just listed these bars on our Shop + Offerings and already there are only 6 left! 

These 100% all natural handcrafted artisan soaps are made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil. I added Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal for their cleansing and healing properties and then infused them with the beautiful scents from the Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium for cleansing and uplifting the spirits. 

I felt this epitomised all that is the Spring Equinox. 

I do hope you love them as much as I do.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Back On Track

Our Orange tree is in bloom. The scent of the blossoms linger in the evening air and at times mingle with that of the Jasmine growing just outside our fence line aside the bamboo thicket.

This morning for the first time it was hard to ignore the light peeping through the slit in the kitchen curtains while preparing lunch boxes for Rob and Josh for the day. It is funny how suddenly and all in one moment you realise the change of season is not just words or about to happen - it is happening. I feel a little cheated this year. I am always aware of the slightest change, especially when Winter turns to Spring and then Summer to Winter. These moments are always so very profound for me. But not this year, not this turning of the wheel. I seem to have been lost in the last few weeks of trying to juggle the emotions that came with Danika's hospital stay and all the things that come with homeschooling and this new life of being a stay at home mamma. All those little things that you thought you would have time for do not always come to be. And I am absolutely fine with that. New paths do that, they sometimes (even if slightly) change the way you perceived it would all be.

Danika is faring well. She is back to singing (literally) through her day. Thank you all again for all your gentle healing vibes sent from all over the world. Those vibes made their way here and are helping more than you know.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

We Will Prevail

We have a hospital bed!

The confirmation email arrived yesterday afternoon while she was napping and I was adding rows to a knit project. I am somewhat relieved but still anxious and I so really need that feeling to go away. So, this mornings tasks to keep me focused will be to get our small cooler box packed with snacks for breakfast and lunch for tomorrow as hospital cafeteria food is way overpriced and not pleasant at all. I will need to pack her bag too and add an array of books and puzzles to keep her distracted from the fact that she will not be able to nurse from me from mid night tonight. I know there is reason for this but it really will be a little traumatic considering she is a feed and cuddle on demand child. But, we will prevail and we will see the light at the end of this very dark and daunting tunnel.
And Oh Yes.. I will need to pack my knitting to ride out the nerves when she is in theater - right?

I know I haven't done a homeschooling update for a couple of weeks now. But we are still marching forward with lessons in the morning. It has been a slow two weeks were we have dragged our heels somewhat. With the end of the third term looming in the next couple of weeks. I do feel that we will be right on check for that. In the meantime we just do as much as we can without any tension and catch up next week when we will hopefully be back in some sort of routine again. The joys of homeschooling - you get to choose your times and days! 

Josh is on the last week and a bit of school too. He has been quiet of late. This time of the year they write their common tests which will prepare them for the fourth and final term and exams. The pressure is scary for all the grade 11s. I feel for them, really I do.

Both Rob and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your kind messages through email, whatsapp, instagram and here on our blog in our comments. We feel very blessed to have you watching over us and giving us a little more strength with all your gentle healing vibes.

The weather forecast for this weekend - rain!
Have a blessed weekend my friends and I look forward to catching up with you all again in the new week.

lots and lots of love as always
Angela ♥

ps - the photos :
  1. last nights sky showing the first star of the evening and the witch's moon.
  2. danika's new dress made with love by Oumie for when she gets out of hospital.
  3. our new favourite breakfast - Coconut flour + Cinnamon Waffles.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Week Ends

Hello there, 

Thank you again for all the well wishes for our Danika. Although we are still waiting for a hospital bed for her, she is absolutely fine. She has no pain and the swelling in her mouth were her teeth broke has gone down too. It is as if it never happened, well except for the missing places in her mouth where they broke. I almost feel compelled to cancel this whole surgery. Rob seems to think otherwise and feels that it still needs to be done or there will be another flare up. I'm sure he is right - I am still just apprehensive about it all.

The sky changed late Friday afternoon to the darkest shade of grey that it has been in quite a long while. We took a chance and wrapped up warmly and made our way to soccer practice. Only to find when we got there that Garren had forgotten to pack his togs in his bag. So we excused ourselves, as he wouldn't be allowed on the field without them AND we knew that by the time we should return from collecting them practice would be over with, so made our way home. We arrived home just as the clouds began to open and gift us a fine drizzle.

It came down softly all through the night and when we woke on Saturday morning it was cold. The cold that freezes to the bone. Snow had landed on the mountains and the winds that swept of that range howled through our pines and brought back a Winter that we hadn't actually had this year at all. The sky grumbled through most of the day and with it a downpour of rain that we all gazed out the windows at. It was beautiful - but cold. Rob left mid morning to help a friend install lighting into his warehouse. When he arrived home he was drenched and battered and bruised from falling off a ladder. He is better today with a little swelling left and achy muscles. Much of the day was spent cooking up a curry in the kitchen for dinner and being curled up on the couch adding a few rows to my knitting and reading The Gruffalo's Child on repeat.

Credit: @a n g e l a πŸŒ™

➖ watching the rain fall from my kitchen window πŸ’¦ ... all the kids have cabin fever! If there wasn't a cold wind blowing off the snow on the mountains I'd let them out to play 🌬❄️

Sunday the clouds cleared but that icy wind kept up it's dance through the forest. We decided it best not to venture out but rather catch up with each other around the table for Sunday Roast and then movies of Peter Rabbit (Danika's favourite) and Marley and Me  ('cause who doesn't like the Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston comedy).

I am hoping for a bit more routine this week and a little more warmth to warm up these bones of mine. I could do with a little of both. How was your weekend? Did you get out or stay in?

blessings for the week ahead my friends.
love as always, Angela ♥

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Thank you for the well wishes and emails sent for our Danika. 

The dentist appointment went well yesterday although sadly she will have to go in for surgery to have those two broken teeth removed. We are just waiting on confirmation for a bed and hospital for her. Sometimes the paperwork regarding anything medically orientated takes more time than one would think. But, she is fine and thanks to the course of antibiotics is doing well and is now pain free. 

I wont lie, my nerves are slightly shattered this week with the thought of her heading on into hospital and undergoing this procedure but I am assured that this is all the norm and that all will be well. I do know this deep down but... still.

Keep sending us all those positive energies!
love Angela ♥

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

On Week Ends (and a blue monday)

Our weekend was far from angelic as pictured in these few moments from the days gone by. 

Friday saw us calling all the dentists in our town for an appointment for Danika. Not one could fit her in that day. It was such a worry and I could see that she was beginning to get utterly miserable. Finally Rob found one in Hilton who slotted her in on Saturday morning. We managed through the evening by taking her mind off of it all at Garren's soccer practice and allowing her to feed from me on demand. 

Saturday morning we headed off to the Dentist and of course, as predicted, she refused to oblige in any means or form. It was rather traumatic. But what was able to be seen amidst all the attempts is that it best to medicate and revisit on Wednesday for a final decision. I do fear there might be dental surgery to remove these two teeth. I am not sure that I am handling this news very well. I haven't had any of my older ones in surgery or hospital at this age. 

Much of the rest of Saturday she napped and Rob stood the sidelines of the Soccer field cheering on Garren. In the evening we had a braai and let the kids run until late in the evening. Danika's meds had started to work so she was feeling a little better. It is strange to watch a child never medicated react on it. I messaged Tristan, who is back in China, to wish him for his 22nd birthday. They were in the middle of being filmed. He had not had a good morning with his small students and was hoping that the next classes that were being filmed would go better. His friends were going to be taking him out for supper and movie later. It feels very strange not to be baking a cake for his day. I felt a little out of place not seeing him on his birthday too. They say it does get easier.

Sunday the weather was lovely, as it had been the whole weekend. Rob and Garren were at soccer again in the afternoon. Sadly Garren's team lost both matches this weekend so he was feeling down in the dumps - his only consolation was that they have made it into the semi finals for the season. I am not a very competitive person and try on all accounts to teach the children that it is not about winning or loosing but more about that they have participated and have had fun. This always seems to fall on deaf ears with this boy child.

We checked in on our growings and again let the small ones play until late in the evening. 

Monday did not fare well in my attempt to get online. Danika fussed a bit and was a little demanding of attention which I always love to give but then nothing much else gets done.

I am just thankful that it's Tuesday and that it feels like we are in some form of routine again, well for now - who knows what Wednesday's Dentist appointment will bring.

How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing and spent with all the ones you love.

Love as always, Angela ♥
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