Monday, May 7, 2018

More Time For


It was humid and warm and the sun shone brightly while we were away. On return we happily jumped into bed with shorts and t shirts and woke halfway through the night frozen to the bone.
It seems we have returned home, from our time away down the coast, to the beginnings of Winter.
I think this year I am going to love Winter. This year I will be home for Winter. This year I will have more time to add rows to my knit projects, more time to read lines from my book and that of the kids, more time to add a pinch of love to warming home bakes and more time for, the most important of them all, cuddles with my tribe.

I am working on a pretty pink cabled hat for Danika this month, the pattern you can find on Ravelry. Are you on Ravelry? If so, let's connect? I have been meaning to get my fingers and needles wrapped around this beautiful wool since I purchased it a few months back. I just was not sure of just how I was going to knit it up. Well, that was until recently.

This month I am currently reading a double in Self-Suffiency : Soapmaking with Natural Ingredients and Natural Remedies. These two I ordered months ago but only arrived last week while I was away. I am devouring them. On hand as always is The Rules of Magic (again) which I will follow up with Practical Magic (again) and Penelopy Ody's Home Herbal which I have always at all times at hand.

I have also moved our BareFoot HomeSchool SchoolHouse inside. And it would probably be best to name it something else for the colder months? Any ideas?
I've watch on each day, through my scullery window, and the sun has shifted. The rays that beamed down through the day from before have lightened and the ground is still cold to the touch by midday. My Wellie Boots have been dusted off and placed at the kitchen door and my good ol faithful flip flops have now been packed away.

It's time... do you feel it too?

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