Monday, July 31, 2017

Thank You July.

I am totally in love with the fact that I am sharing everything off one platform.

I have my shop >here< and links to Ravelry >here< Instagram >here< and Facebook >here<.

There is even a little space for my shares for my Wild Witch Cottage. Something more personal, it may not be for everyone and that's why most of the shares will be kept away from the main blog itself. For those who share the passion about the seasons and living in the magic of it all - then it is for you. You can follow along on Facebook >here< and Instagram >here< and pages added to my website will be shared to these social media platforms once complete.

We have all found a theme and layout we are all super happy with. Simple and clean and nothing distracting at all - it should be here to stay for abit. Of course we hope you like it too. This now should give me (and the men folk) more time to focus on family and more shares about the happenings all around us.

I, personally, have seen in this New Moon phase on the quiet side.
The younger two boys on the other hand have started their third term of school this week and we've had a Aunty Debbie spend the week with us while she awaits her flat to be completed to move into next week. It has been so lovely having Aunty Debbie to stay. All the men folk just adore her and Em giving Danika until end of the week and then she will shine ever so brightly (as only Danika can) to her too. She is going through her shy phase at the moment and anyone new (or not that new too in fact) - to our home or on our travels - finds her grasping at my body with her little hands and burying her wee face in my chest coyly. Bless her. Aunty Debbie will be adding her touch to the holistic wonderfulness that is HANDS-ON EDUCATION & FACILITATION CENTER.
I am so very excited for her.

To end off the month that was July

Blog Update:
For those that missed it here are the shares for the month gone by.
Let it be.
Beginnings of new.
The Moon after Yule.
Nine Full Moons.
Happy Birthday Garren.
A Week Of Nines.

Shop Update:
I hope to be adding a few luxury bars of soap in the new month. I will send out an update for that with links to the shop on the day. There will be an option for delivery, if you are out of town but still in South Africa, and there is a Postnet in your area. Postnet 2 Postnet is the option I have chosen as a safer route for your parcel getting to you in one piece. I am looking into the costs and convenience involved with the Post Office Parcel Plus option too. I dont sell daily so getting in a courier service like Courier Guy and the likes just is not economical.
Id love to know if you have any other suggestions?

Knitting Update:
oh dear.. I wish I could have more to add here, but alas - not. After the last batch of Star Gnomes I sent off to their new homes I just haven't had the time to add any more. Sometimes its good to have a break from doing the same thing over and over again - right? So, I have started on a Foxy Neck-warmer. Its something to keep the fingers busy in the wee hours of the morning while the small boy person reads to me in the car before school begins. Who knows, may be there will be a couple to add to the shop a little later on in the season?

To you all that follow along with us here - bless you and thank you!
To you all that comment on our shares - it really is lovely to know you are there and we so love to hear from - thank you too!

Goodbye July now past and Hello there brighter beautiful August!

brightest blessings,

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Week of Nine's

We’ve had a week of 9s…

Danika hit her 9 month milestone and Garren his 9th year trip around our not so-very-warm-but-bright Winter Sun. What a week indeed, I’d say I feel a little older (and I do) but not from my seeing in their milestones but rather the head cold that I have been nursing since the last Full Moon. I just can’t seem to shake it.

Were in the midst of both the younger two boys last week of their mid-year break. Then we’re back to getting them up early for their busy day at school. Winter break is always over much speedier than we hoped for and it’s always a long haul until the end of the year, although they do have a small break around September/October. Days are noticeably (well for me that is) a wee bit longer with sunrise dawning just a few minutes earlier daily. Roll on Imbolc! I’m weary of the dark - I think. I am being teased, every time I walk our sad winter hedgerow, by our sweet Magnolia Tree with her beautiful pearl of buds balancing regally on her branches and the soft open petals scattered on the ground at her feet.

The Spring Equinox is not that far off, I can feel it in my bones!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Garren.

Happy Birthday Dear Garren.

We celebrated Garren’s 9th spin around our Sun. Of, course as with all things I do, I do them in excess – like, for instance photograph taking.

Tristan so kindly took over with just what we should share from the bazillion and one moments captured and put together this little motion picture.


As you can see much fun was had. The older these Wildlings of mine get a whole lot different their expectations become of and for their day.

It is after all their day - to choose how they would like to spend it.

You will find in this post and the posts to come a little more and something personal from all the Wildlings of my Tribe. Their contributions will be making our blog whole and just as it should be. A few moments and thoughts from each one.

I do hope you enjoy their shares as much as I do.

(this is the part where I fist pump the air and hashtag #proudmama )

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nine Full Moons.

You are determined and stubborn and knowing.

Smiles are not parted with easily but when given they brighten your whole being.

You speak so intensely with your eyes.

Your eyes that pierce right through to our souls. Your eyes that know things, other things, not from this world things.

You have a love for food of all varieties but pasta and strawberries and whatever may be dished on Mama’s plate are preferred.

You already have a favourite pony toy and love to ride your Papi like a he is your own personal horse.

Your favourite lullaby is Twinkle Little Star. It soothes your immediately and if I gently stroke the side of our face you fall peacefully asleep.

Outside with nature and daily grounding is a must with no exception to a stop off at the coop to talk to the chooks.

As soon as we step outside Zeus is there by your side watching and waiting. I’m sure he’s counting the days until you there walking him and just him alone.

You have all your brothers wrapped around your small delicate finger. I know there is nothing that they would not do for you dear girl child.

Today we are celebrating your 9th month Earth side.

To think it wasn’t that long ago that you joined us on the 9 month and we cant believe that it has already been a whole 9 months you have been part of our earth bound lives here.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Moon After Yule.

Full Moon blessings dear Tribe.

This is not a time to fight, rather surrender to the will of Spirit, even if you are being asked to let go completely and tumble into the brink of Creation itself.....

Full Moon is Now in Capricorn until the 10th July 6.33 am


Ambitious * Focussed * Practical

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Beginnings Of New.

There is dust from the belt sander still laying thick on my towering Hibiscus and there is a splattered fine dust of the same on my potted Strawberry plant - that bird that has tweeted us to school and back home again for the last few months has finally died and with it our little grey car too. Thank goodness the boys are on their mid-year break, how I have welcomed it, not only for them but for myself too. They’re sleeping in and catching up with themselves after a very busy second term of school. Which means now our little grey Tazzie car can recover and get the tender loving care it needs to get it back on the road again.

Our home is beginning to get a makeover, starting from the outside. Wooden window panes and doors have been sanded and are drying from the second or third coat of varnish lovingly slathered all over it. It’s been so wonderful watching the wood come to life again. There is still so much to be done though. The front veranda and pathway are also under construction after a root from the knobbly green trunk was lifting the paving and slithering its way under the house. That now needs to all be cemented and tiled back into place again. Tristan has been heading the man power behind these projects while Rob is at work and its looking amazing. For a man-child who isn’t hands on physically he sure knows how to get it all done professionally.

He may just have to start his own business in household repairs and small renovations. We are in Africa so qualifications don’t count here.

I have been fighting off something. I still haven’t figured out just what it is yet. Headaches, a twitching right eyelid and slightly low demeanour of late. I can’t put it down to anything much. Danika doesn’t sleep badly at all, she does get restless at times, but once nursed she settles again. I remember the days when the boys used to wake and want to play through the wee hours of the morning. Thank goodness she doesn’t do that. I don’t think I would be managing. But, in saying that, I do feel like there is something amiss at the moment that may need a good dosing of tissue salts, essential oils and mild hibernation to bring me back from. Could it be all about the Wolf full moon approaching on Sunday? Maybe once we’ve peaked I will get all balanced and aligned again. I look forward to the coming Equinox. We really haven’t had an unbearable Winter at all this year, but longer daylight hours would make for more hours in the day for me to get things done. With that being said I bet Rob will curse me by admitting that there hasn’t been that much freeze, cause he knows that come September the snow falls on the mountains and he will have to take us all to it. (he isn’t a winter, snow, dark and cold person at all).

I’d like to say that I have a few more knitted baby star gnomes to add to our shop but sadly I don’t. I just haven’t had a moment to get the needles together but I do plan to get a few more soaps listed this month. The last batch of Chamomile + Rose did so very well, I am please – thank you for your support everyone. I had no idea this batch that I had made for Danika would be so pretty and popular. One customer said she even uses to wash her hair with.

I can’t seem to make up my mind if I should do another batch of Hibiscus or Lavender.

What do you think? I do have dried flowers of both. I have enough for one more batch before I order in new supplies.

Again this year I only received a school and class photograph of our Garren. Joshua has claimed a no go again. Rob and I had a good ol’ chuckle when we received it and were told that this was his Justin Bieber look!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Let It Be.

Hello there, Greetings, Sawubona, Merry Meet & Welcome.

I am so very excited to share here with you all. As you can see I am sporting a new look (again - but this time, to stay for a while J ) and a new url name.

I am officially sweet beautiful beings!!

I am over joyed, excited and most certainly overly thrilled that I could shriek out with utter glee. Of course we are all still Where Wildlings Grow on the blog - I am still in awe of this name so it may stick around for a while longer. BUT the rest of it is me and my shenanigan-ly business-ness.

I was asked a wee while back why I wouldn’t use our blog name for my new self-hosted name for my very own site. And it’s really quite simple. After much thought and consideration, I knew that it would be a name that would need to stick and stay with me for a long while, something that I just couldn’t change with the New Moon or when some thought ticked over in my scrambled egg brain. Then it came like a light bulb moment.. Gosh darn, I’ve like had it in my life for about 38ish years – right? (Well except for a small few of them a decade and a half or so ago) Yes, it’s a name that might just surpass them all. (I shall insert a small chuckle here now). Blog names come and go, as you may all have seen with me. They are like the changing phases of our dear Luna, like our moods and that of the loved ones around us. is one that will forge forward like its owner through all its phases.

Again to you all who stick around to see all the silly senseless sometimes mundane shares I post. I thank you from the deepest darkest parts of my heart. You all are so super special to me and my tribe and we so love having you connect with us.

Please bear with me as I carry on with the setting up process of my website. For me it’s always the fun part. It shouldn’t interfere too much with the post shares at all. In meantime my About page is up, our Shop is ready for me to add our goodies to and I’ve added the link to my Ravelry account for you to see what’s wip on the needles. Below are links to my Facebook page and the follow button to my Instagram account. You can also sign up to get each of our updates right in your Inbox, should you choose. The future holds spots for Sponsors to advertise here too. There occasionally will be links to pretty things I may be affiliated with – this sweet blog, here, cant fund itself you know. I do promise to share affiliate links that I feel are lovely and helpful to you and your tribe if your feel that this may appeal to you, you can Email me. I would love to hear from you, link up with you, build friendships with you! Oh goodness me – again… Thank you!

Now, I think that I have covered all the bits and pieces that come with an introduction? Did I leave anything out?

Oh yes, when pulling through the blog most of the comments that you had all made on the old blog did not filter through – the joys of not owning your own site I suppose. I do apologise and I hope you understand. I loved reading each and every one that was made by you all. I am deeply saddened that they didn’t filter through but I know in my heart that they were there to begin with. Thank you!

I leave you with a little something from the weekend (a pre-post - to come - so to speak.)

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