Monday, January 8, 2018

.... continued

welcome to Sweet Tea & Toast, a small space with all the same shares about the same people you all followed over at Wild Wytch Cottage. 

i am looking for a space to share more of those shares with a little more knitting more serious gardening and my new adventure into my new life of homeschooling our small ones! Yes, you heard read right... This Mother is taking the leap with both bare feet into a life at home and away from the ease of the corporate world and I do hope you will stick around 'cause this ol' gal is going to need all the help she can get!


I am finding this a habit of late. A habit of getting online to wish or share or catch up a while longer than I should have. But, I am here non the less and I am wishing you abundance and love and joy for you and yours for the year 2018.

I am also late in finding my word for the year. Nothing has come to me yet. I hope it will show up in the next month or two. Who knows maybe my word will be late too. I haven't made any new years resolutions either. AND i haven't purchased a journal or diary yet. I am too busy living in the now and for the now that I just do not get around to thinking ahead. I may need to look into this as there are going to be a few changes around here in the not so distant future and I will need to be a little more organised. (more of that a little later) I usually am organised, really, I just think that my organisational skills are still on vacation in Scottborourgh.... which I might add, was wonderful!

Christmas was a quiet affair at home with just the family. Oumie and Oupie spent the day together at their cottage coming in to check on us and our happenings every now and again. So, it was just D, the boys and Rob and I. As always the potjie pot was filled to the brim with a delicious array of veg and lamb neck and I whipped up my once a year mushroom and risotto side dish and we finished off the feast with good old fashioned peppermint cream fridge pudding, you know good ol' South African comforts.

We all had a good recharge over the break too at the coast. This time we spent our time with Jo and his Kin as always they welcome us with arms open wide and make us feel so very special. Danika thought the sand was her own personal sandpit this time around, it could be that there wasn't as much wind as our last venture out to the coast. Yet she still didn't think much of the big wide open waters or the waves that crashed onto the rocks and then trickled in onto the shore line. She may get there one day.

And then we saw new year in with the tribe across town. The moon was full and bursting at her seams and the spirit of our tribe was just as boisterous.

It has been a good farewell to the old and a festive welcoming in of the new. 

I may just take this month as a time to contemplate what is in store for us for the year ahead.

Do you have any words of homeschooling wisdom for this Mami? And did you choose your word for the new year?

love always Angela XOX
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