Tuesday, December 16, 2014

And then before Christmas....

Tis the season to be...... rained out!

We have had days upon days.. weeks upon weeks of rain!

I'm not complaining, really, we have had a very dry spell the last season and we are in dire need of these gorgeous refreshing rain drops. It's just that when the rain pours the kiddos get all cramped up inside and there is literally no signal via my littlest dongle thingie that allows any form of uploading to our little blog.

But I'm here now.. a few hours of  reprieve. And a few hours of trying to sort through blurred images taken without any decent form of natural light.
Oh well.. we will make do with what we have, shall we. *chuckle*

It's The Tree day!
Such an exciting day where we head up the steep stairs to the top of the hill and into our garage to haul out the box filled with all the sparklings to add to The Tree.

This year, things were a little different.
This year we had an unexpected visitor that decided our box was the most amicable hide out to nest for the season. When the box was opened this visitor decided that it's life was in danger and leaped from the box heading back for the forest. This visitor almost scared this mother to heart failure!!

Now as I said before... this was an unexpected visitor so you can imagine the squeals that erupted from me.
It was a huge!! Most certainly bigger than Blair and had the longest greyest tail ever seen.
Now, I know the boys would beg to differ here and have scoffed at my pleads of total endangerment.

I have decided to come to the conclusion that all animals here are of some alien decent and are fed a secret serum of steroids for them to become so enormous.
Really... a field mouse the size of our Blair?? Never seen the likes of it!

Moving on and focusing... Oh yes.... The Tree!

The Tree that now need to be washed down and any remains of 'field mouse' to be removed.
This dear friends would take half the day! How were we to get The Tree dried and decorated by the end of the day as promised to the younger brothers..? *sigh*

Well where there is a will there most certainly is a way.. who would have thought a leaf blower would have been the one to save the day?
The Tree dried and decorations found a place on each of the branches. I'd say the boys did a fantastic job of bringing in the Christmas cheer.

This year we are celebrating a little differently.
This year Christmas will be under the Lapa, with family at our home.
This year there will be two trees... not just the one!
This year our boys have decorated and are still working on the decorating of the Lapa.
This year the Lapa has been given to them to do up as they like..
I've been told it is still a work in progress, with the North Pole still to be made a feature!

This is going to be one magical Christmas!

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