Monday, February 24, 2014

A Family Renunion

It has been a few years since this Mama’s baby sister has come home for a visit from Australia.

Our youngest of the brother’s barely remembers her although when he sees photo’s floating on our desktop monitor of her – he will proudly say “That’s Mom’s sister!”

Then they finally meet again…. after all these years… And he just could not wait to get home to tell Rob that he spent the day with Aunty Tracey’s sister!! Go figure… Aunty Tracey is Aunty Chanti’s sister and Aunty Tracey is Girlfriend’s sister – but somewhere along the line – Aunty Chanti is just Aunty Tracey’s sister…

Did you get that?? Nope neither did I – But we are still having a good chuckle over it.

Sunday we were able to get all the sisters together including all the nephews and of course our gorgeous little niece and catch up over a scrumptious lunch on the Midlands Meander at a lovely little place called The Bierfassl!

A few photos of our day…

Some fun as we head off into the Midlands! Slow roads and the big boys get to sit on the back of the pick-up.

Crazy happy faces and delish drinks while we waited for the lunch to arrive.

Aunty Chanti, Little Princess Maddison and Aunty Tracey

Ahh… My 3 favourite gals!

Schnitzel smothered in a Cheesy Mushroom Sauce

FOOD!! It was delish!

For pud – scrumptious Chocolate Mousse and Cream!

And for those who didn’t want Chocolate Mousse….

Another Chocolate “Milka-shake” did the trick, I think this was “Milka-Shake” number three!

Aunty Chanti, Little Princess Maddison and Aunty Tracey

After meal couch time with a cuppa coffee…

Yes – even the rain that finally arrived couldn’t dampen the high spirits!

Yes we are truly blessed… We had a lovely day.

Angie xxx
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