Friday, June 30, 2017

She's Jailbound.



So this baby girl child started crawling, well not really crawling it’s more like a downward dog facing hop. I really have tried to capture this precise moment – I think she knows this because she is just not letting it happen.

It’s like those eyes of hers, that peer straight into my soul – this girl knows things and I just can’t get away with much like I used to with the boys of my tribe.


That is why dear Papi has been busying himself with bits of wood and glue and things to make up this contraption to house her in her baby jail.

Let’s hope that this girl, who knows things, learns to know the stairs around here fast too. There are just way too many to count. Such an unfriendly baby home to say the least.

That will change of course as time goes on as it really is the best space for finding the fae and other hide n seek games.

But until then baby jail time sweet girl child.



oh and p.s


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

That Talk.


This week past I had to have that little talk with the small boy child. Not THAT talk but rather along the lines of the “don’t talk to strangers” talk. We have done this talk before, but not so intensely – he really was so little and didn’t ask too many questions.

Now there are too many of them and all to horrendously graphic. How do you decide on what to tell in all its glory and what to soften?

I think I may still be recovering from an anxiety attack.

This all started with the podcasts that have aired on the radio in the early hours of the morning on our way into school. I had to let him listen. He needs to know why the paranoia, why the constant nagging for all my children to always let me know where they are, who they are with and why we often say NO.

This story is so close to my heart. A small girl being abducted from the next road we lived in – the same girl at my primary school in our neighbourhood all those 30 years or so ago. I still remember the panic – the hype – the sadness and the heart wrenching tragedy of it all.

Have you had THAT talk with your wee one.

I think he has finally gotten the gist of is all.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Then There Was Change.

And then there was change.

Change for the better I hope.

I’ve been a girl for years. I loved the way that I could choose how my layout of my blog looked, how I could add external pages into my blog like my shop for instance and if I didn’t like the look of that I could adjust to accommodate just that and that there was no need to pay a cent for it all. But, with way too many technical issues in posting and uploading pictures and content (the main part of the blog – right?) And dear Open Live Write not helping the cause one single little bit!! I have moved us all here and with all things will learn to fine-tune the emotions and thought process (and still hold back in not paying a cent) to go with all that WordPress has to offer and brighten my day with. Like for instance this lovely theme. What do you think?

I love the little camera choices and the layout is sweet. I’m not sure that I like having all my widgets down yonder. I do prefer them to the side.

But the upside is I got to choose a different font to the default.

It’ll do for now as I hack away at how this all works.

I need simplicity in my life. Simplicity in all things and that dear friends includes this space here where I get to ramble on about nothing in particular and get to share captured moments of my young wild ones and other nonsensical hogwash.

If you’re a WordPress-or why not hit the follow button down yonder – I will be sure to add you to my tribe!

If you are new to me and my wild tribe – WELCOME! You can have a little read about us here.

oh and ps - new moon blessings for tomorrow sweet humans.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

And Again.


I have been running. Nowhere in particular really. Maybe more like a good ol’ sprint in one place.

I have a gazillion photographs to sift through and I’m sure I will get to share them eventually. But this last week has found Rob and I filling humidifiers, filling humidifiers with essential oils of eucalyptus and lavender and rosemary and… whatever I can drain out of the last of my array of oils. It has found us slicing up bags of oranges and sneaking tiny little tissue salts into everything. The children have been slathered in home and shop bought Vicks ointments and we’ve boiled the kettle all but away for cups of homemade med-lemon drinks and shop bought ones (which ever we had at the time and whichever one we had not yet run out of).

And then once our heads hit the pillows it was morning again and we started all this all over again.

We made it through though. Usually around this time of the year we’ve spooned out on an array of anti-biotic bottles to both Joshua and Garren and somewhere I think there may have even been a hospital visit for the sickliest of them all, dear Josh. Not this time, not an anti-biotic at all not even for our littlest flower, who has cut all 4 top and 4 bottom teeth and had her first flu virus all at once - here Earthside. Now, I’m not going to get my highs on the real high right now, cause we still got some ways to go before the winter months are done and dusted. But, it’s a good start – don’t you think? There is a rattle here and there and I am determined to get as far as I can this season without a doctor.

Hold all those fingers and toes for me?

In the meantime, in between it all I am knitting up Star Gnomes (ever so slowly) for the Shop, other than peacock I will now add teaberry to our collection and I have still got soaps that need to be photographed and packaged for the shop. Packaging has become my nemesis with my soaps. I can whip up the lovelies but then I can’t get the right packaging for them. I do know that somewhere amidst it all I need to knit up another Knubblechen for a girl child that will land earthside soon and a bear with accessories for Danika’s first birthday too.

I’ll get there. Soon. I hope.

There is also talk of a new adventure into a few homemade outsourced products by other mums and dads out there that I will be affiliated with. I really am excited about it and I hope that you will be too. I have found myself gravitating towards supporting homemade and handcrafted home-grown businesses around these parts. It’s a rarity to find the likes of such treasures, so when you do you surround yourself and others with it too. But, more of that soon.

This weekend the boys every so kindly cleaned out the Lapa and we Sunday lunched there. It felt wonderful claiming back that space again. I’m sure if the weather keeps at it we will be making it our weekly shenanigan. I’ve add a quick clip from our after lunch Sunday meander up and down our road. Just for fun.


ps. did you see from the photographs … Danika is days away from crawling.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Protecting the Sprouts.

Rob and I had no idea that our little wildlings in the new veggie bed would sprout just as they have. We threw blessed seeds in with intense hopes and dreams and those blessed hopes have turned into little greenlings doing their thing against all the odds of the winter coldness that has finally arrived here to our space.

So, ever so thankful for the sprouts, we got the boys to help gather fallen pine needles to help keep them safe against the frost that will arrive and the winds that will make themselves known as the sweep from the Drakensburg snow-capped mountains.

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