Friday, May 23, 2014

Winter Vibrations

As the seasons change, so does the mood and daily happenings at our home. The Dark half of the year brings about a little more togetherness (may be for warmth?) and although there is still much laughter and happiness, there is a somberness to the vibrations around me.

It is colder and darker than before.
As I press my face a little closer to the glass panes in our kitchen door to peer out into the darkness… the warmth from my breath frost up the panes..

There really is no good delaying the inevitable… is there?

I love winter and all that comes with the season. I really do. A time for inner reflection, a time to just be still and as Rob reminds me… A time to hibernate, to hibernate like the big ol Mama grizzly bear. (I like that )

But right at this very moment as I wrap my winter gown even more tightly around me and brace myself for the onslaught of the outdoor fridge… and know that my cheeks will flush and my nose will tingle and my eyelids will stick to my now very much awake eyeballs…… I don’t like it very much….

But there are still chores to do.. tend to our babes and check on this and that.. in total darkness… not a single chirp from our once musical mornings, aside from the train in distance further up on our hillside clamping down on its brakes, there is a serene tranquility.

And then as I stand and look to the lone star in the sky and watch as the darkness ever so slowly folds back the black blanket to a brilliance of soft oranges and deep maroons..

I breathe, I am awake.. it’s a beautiful day and I am truly thankful…

Angie xxx

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Red Is For Girls

Blue Velvet Cupcakes…

Why not red ones??

“cause red is for gggirrlls Mmom….”

And then what does that make me??

“… just my Mom….”

and that’s why we baked the Blue Velvet cupcakes…


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Boundless Joy

Merry day of the Sun,
And oh what a merry day it has been thus far.
Our Mama Mavis has finally blessed us with our very first egg…
It was almost as if she was waiting for me to heal up enough to get into the coop and reclaim my weekly coop cleaning duties.

There is much excitement vibrating through our home on this day ruled by the Sun. 

A day that has bought us such blessed prosperity and boundless joy.


Go on get outside…. and feel the squishy warmth of the earth between your toes! 
Get your hands all beautifully dirty…. like I am today! Magickal bliss I tell you 

Angie xxx

Friday, May 16, 2014

Early Morning Pickings

Early morning pickings….

Just after the early morning dew has evaporated, is the best time to harvest just a few of these beautiful petals for my Rose Water.
Rose water has been used in cooking and cosmetics for years.
Perfect for love and healing – ask Rob he is absolutely and completely in love with it.

Whippin up a batch is ever so easy – so you NEVER have to buy the horrid commercially made stuff again!!

All you need is your organic rose petals and distilled water.
Pop your petals in a small pan, add distilled water – just enough to cover the petals – and very gently on low let simmer away..
Slowly you will see the colour leave the petals.
Allow to cool then strain and bottle.
A fresh new batch… One carafe just for Rob and rest to be kept in the fridge.
The beautiful fragrances of love, happiness, patience…….. and romance are ever so delicately wafting through our home….

Just as a day of Venus, a day of love, should smell….. *sigh*…. Bliss I tell you

Angie xxx

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Today I Shall Be A Chicken

Beautiful warm winter sun-filled skies have graced our day. 
Although our mornings and evenings are considerably colder, I have to admit that our midday temps are just gorgeous…. 


Garren has a Farm Dress Up day at school, so you can just imagine the excitement
A Bok-ing Chicken is the chosen dress of the day…… 


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Breathing In Deeply

I was helped to the lapa this morning to watch the warm brilliance of the sunrise while ever so slowly sipping on my first brew of the day…. 

Breathing in deeply… taking in the beauty that we have been blessed with on our little 1/4 acre of happiness.

The tiniest of little Mannequins darted between our aging Yellow Wood and Yakka to feast before the bigger of our bird life descend to feed…

The peace and tranquility…. except for the calling of a single pigeon in the bamboo forest, just behind our lapa, and the light squabbling of the chooks as they go about their early morning scratchings

Good morning world……


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Through The Window

I’ve awoken to another day where the sky is blanketed by hues of greys all mingled… and the wrangling of early winter’s icy fingers grasping tightly to the walls of our warm home.

The light whispers of the chilled winds wisp playfully around the tops of our fir trees and another pine cone drops to the ground.

I can hear my chooks busily chatting as they go about their early morning scratchings. I’ve heard from the boys they are much happier now. The coop has been successfully divided. Mama Mavis and Nugget, the bigger two of the flock have settled and Gizmo is once again reunited with her siblings…. yes, I hear her happy chatterings as the boys enter the coop.

I miss them all, their boks and cheeps and low light whistles. Every now and again when I get to stand by the kitchen door, I call “hello my lovelies!” I can see them stretch their feathered necks to see where I’m calling from.

The cold chill on days like today makes the ankle cranky and although my desires are to get out the ol’ crutch and wobble my way around the yard – I know the gloom that hangs there. That unsteady ground and the weak “poorly”, combined, makes for a recipe for just a slight disaster…

So, I’ll just keep on being patient…….


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Candle Dipping

We took the all the boys out into the Midlands and through the Meander today…

A new hammock for the garden, a few new friends made at the various organic farm stops and lastly chocolate dipping and a light lunch (yes… in that order ) at Nottingham Road..

Oh and before I forget, the boys have asked for me to show you their candles they dipped at the Candle Dipping Stall

A blissful, beautiful family day….


Friday, May 2, 2014

Small Pleasures

This morning was the first morning in over a week that I got to watch the sun rise!

Small pleasures… blissful ones

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