Thursday, December 21, 2017

Solstice Blessings

I have no words of wisdom or recipes of great art to share with you on this longest day of the year.

For us, this side of the equator, the day is such and the new day tomorrow will bring us slightly fewer minutes of glorious radiant sun rays… and so, and so on repeat for the days in the months to come.

Whilst in celebration of the heat and the light that makes our celebration that is MidSummer I will remember and celebrate the light of the days gone by and darkness of the days to come and know the vibrant energies both hold for us.


Monday, December 18, 2017


it seems like a lifetime has passed since I was able to log on…

it is the strangest of weather we have been experiencing. Grey days filled with all the same shades that are our clouds and where even my moods have been mirroring the same feels. So very unusual for this time of the year. When the clouds linger longer – all sleepy, covering the tips of the pines – there is absolutely no connection technologically with the “outside” world. It’s wonderful and frustrating all at once and in days gone by this may have been my own personal tragedy, but I’m finding the older I get the more I am at peace with just BEing and eventually catching up again when the time is right. When it is all meant to BE. And this old newness of BEing is utterly liberating.

my home, is alive. Alive with sounds of children playing (even in the fine mist drizzle), weavers busying twittering about their new nests, cricket orchestras slowly beginning their tunes earlier every day. It is alive with the sounds of Summer. Albeit a grey one.

 school is done for the year and we are counting sleeps until Midsummer’s Eve. When the longest day of the year is celebrated in remembrance of the light that has been and a time to reflect on the darker days to come. A cycle within a cycle within another. As always proving that all things are connected.

day jobs away from the Cottage are done until the new calendar year begins and a celebration in the home and of the home has began. Twinkly lights flicker through the branches of the ol man-made tree we were gifted umpteen years ago and alarm bells have been placed on silent for the next wee bit of the seasoned holiday. Thoughts are on days of festivities, on feasts, on togetherness with those we hold close to our hearts. It is a time of BEing, in the moment, in the present, in the home with what makes our hearts beat in rhythm.

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