Monday, March 7, 2016

subtle changes

There seems to have been a lag on our updates lately and all I can seem to blame it on is the unrelenting heat. The last month seems to have been a stagnant one with hardly enough rain to keep our little home hydrated.

For those who have followed my "blogging" you may have noticed a little trend that happens in my shares, as have I. All the seasons hold my attention long enough to capture a few photos and type out a few updates - except for Summer.

There is such a subtle change in my day of late. The darkness from the evening before lingers while I busy myself with my early morning chores. The leaves from the trees are ever so slowly changing and falling. And although the midday heat still lays across the homestead like a heavy blanket there is a coolness to the mornings and late evenings that hint of change.

Dare I say -  Welcome Autumn....

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