Friday, November 17, 2017

The Frog

there was a frog in the kitchen …
actually under closer inspection there were a couple of them. One with black beady eyes and much larger than the one on its back. I thought their visit to my kitchen was to help remove the last of the flying ants from the floor that needed to be swept away, from the invasion the night before. But, under close inspection, it may have been that they needed a little quiet time away from the rest of nature to get their love on. … in my kitchen… I just couldn’t aide in such a rendezvous, so I woke rob to enlist him in “la amour amphibious” evacuation. Out came the broom and off they hopped, with Zeus not far behind, to the babbling brook at the bottom end of the garden. It really is more romantic down there dont you think?

a frog in the home symbolises fertility and I have heard such happenings are to bring the home good luck. The Cottage sure could do with some of that right now. I am turning a blind eye to the fact that they were actually in the throws of passion while we were quietly showing them the back door. They bare news of transformation and transition of the prosperous kind. So, knowing this I do feel some form of relief that there may be some kind reprieve in the future. Secretly, I will be keeping this in my mindset as the onslaught of doctors bills start arriving from my hospital stay, a few weeks back.
the fourth raised kitchen garden bed is in without incident. Although there have been inquisitive Vervet eyes peering on at the activities from the Leopard Trees. The Aubergines and Capsicum seed have all rooted and we have an abundant amount of seedlings that need to be thinned and replanted. There will be ample harvest of both in the months to come.

i have started part five, Gravity, of Alice Hoffman’s The Rules of Magic. I find myself unable to to place it down to rest. If it were not for our smallest Wild flower teaching me the art of patience and balance between adding rows to her Tunic, devouring words from my book, family time and home chores, my world would be in a mighty shambles . Where nothing would be done but for turning of the last page of the last book.

the final day of the fourth term of the school year is almost upon us. The boys are elated and counting down the sleeps to the Summer Holiday. I am still in a dazed bewilderment at how fast this year has come and gone. They have worked so hard, academically, and this break is welcomed dearly.
it seems that Mother Nature has decided that we should have slightly warmer weather again this weekend. We went from highs that crept over 35 in the beginning of the week to dearest mighty Woden bringing in snow to the Drakensburg – on his day of the week.

It is with certainty that I have concluded that Mother Nature is indeed suffering from bipolar. Lighting a candle for those in need during this time of absurd flash floods and wickedly high humidity.

 ps… a sweet little moment captured with the flying ant invasion a few nights back and a orb that was happily dancing among us – did you see it?

Friday, November 10, 2017

In News.

.. this will be my catch up post ..

I haven’t updated for a bit now, it seems I may still be on a slow and steady recovery and self healing from my stint in the hospital a week or so ago. I am absolutely fine, really. You go in for a certain thing and come out knowing a whole lot more about yourself in other things.. things that you didn’t actually go in for, yes it was one of those kind of visits. I dont like hospitals and my stay was not a happy one.

I am trying to find my footing again and this weeks’ temps seem to have dragged us back into the chill of winter. I was just chatting with my bff Drisana, from Eternal Bloom Farm, saying that I may have conjured up Winter again here in Africa by dreamily gazing into her beautiful white snowed moments captured on her farm. But the chill wont last for long, according to Rob, we have wicked highs approaching from Sunday again. The boys will be able to get their daily splash fix in soon again.

Witchling Update: Tristan is gathering information about teaching in China (yes, you read right!). Joshua is studying for his year end exams (may the end of it come soon – I beg). Garren is drawing and colouring and planning his first penpal letter (it’s a process, so I am told). And, Danika has taken her first few unaided steps in life. This is all marvelous and wonderful and all emotional, this thing of growing small medium and large beings so that they can one day fly the coop.

I’m trying to take it all in every inch and every second of it but it seems to be going by ever so quickly and I am battling to catch my breath along the way.

Woolen Wips Update: I cast on for a Tunic for Danika after frogging the last one 5 or so rows in. I struggled to knit it in the round on dpns and the dk skein I cast on in wasn’t soft enough for me. Rob then treated me to a new set of circulars and a couple of pretty skeins in mixed pinks for me to work with. I love this and it feels so right even the gull stitch is so much easier than I thought it to be. This tunic may end up being lovely after all. I will keep adding updates to my ravelry account – Are you a raveler – lets link up?

Kitchen Garden Update: There hasn’t been a whole lot of sunshine this past week. It almost feels like my wildlings have paused for a moment. (like their mami, to breathe and regain some strength again) But, in saying this I must add that bold shoots of bamboo have been cut for the 4th and final raised bed. It has been a long messy road and I cant wait until it is finally in so that I can pretty it all up with new fresh wildlings. I am sure Rob cant wait either, he has put the patio on hold to get this complete and I know he is itching to get back to adding the last beams and roof and the end of the tile work. It is going to be so magickal. How are your gardens fairing thus far this season?

IMG_2174 (2)

 I got mail today… and in the mail was the perfect trio of witchy happiness for this ol’ Witch Mami’s heart! Thank you to a very special old crone who contributed and I was able to get the whole set. (she is my fairy crone mother) AND, of course, Thank you Anna Hoffman for the words I am about to devour. To you all, I wish you a peace and love for the weekend ahead. I will see you all on the very last word on the very last page of my new reads.

 ps. belated beltane blessings my friends. I was released from hospital just in the nick of time to do a little lighting up of the sky with my tribe. you can see our small clip here.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


we have been spending a whole lot more time outside thanks to the seasonal weather..

Although there are days were a tie-dye of grey covers the sky the temps are still pretty warm right into the evening. we are in for a good Summer ahead. Our pool pump has gone to the workshop for a service and it always amazes me how fast it can change from brilliant clear sparkles to a luminous green. But it will be worth it once the pump is all happy again and the pool all clear again just before the heat sets in for the December holiday.

It is the last stretch of the school year for the young men folk here at the Cottage. I watch on and see that they are all weary from the year that has been and that they are mustering the last strands of energy they have to just get through this last lunar cycle. We see Josh only on occasion as he takes impromptu breaks from his studies in his cave, to join us, and I try to make sure there is ample amount of earthing and love when he does.

how are the seasons fairing your side of the world?
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