Friday, September 2, 2016

Day-Night Hockey Festival. Term 3

As always there were a gajillion photos taken in the vain hope that there would be a few pictures we could share here. The late afternoon into early evening lighting does not bode well for amateur photography.

There were 3 clusters of 4 dots that followed through on all the photos and most of the video clips – did you spot them? I think we should call them the little angels watching over our team as they played against the various school.

Our little team did very well, we are so very proud of them!

(ps Rob has become quite the vocal cheerleader on the sideline, dont you think?) 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September. Spring. and His day.

Well hello there, September.. Spring and a Happy Birthday to our eldest who adds another meander to his travels around the Sun.

Our eldest Spring baby turns 20 today and sadly this will be the first year that he will not be home for me to bake a cake for on his special day or to make him sit down at the table for the mandatory “happy birthday sing song”. I am sure he is smirking and breathing a sigh of utter relief from the safe haven that is his digs in another city altogether.

But, I will be sure to double up on all the aforementioned when he does come home!

Happy Birthday Tristan!

I’m not one for believing that the first day of spring falls on the first day of September. It’s not in my practice but sometimes as a mama one puts these kind of beliefs to one side and let her children just go with the flow and mention in conversation that the change of seasons is rather a gradual celebration of the turning of the wheel. We do this… For our loved ones…

I tend to gravitate toward taking a more inward reflection and outward celebratory demeanour during our Equinox and Solstice times of the year.

But it’s fun, right, to think that on this day it is officially SPRING?!

The little boys will get all dressed up in their brights to celebrate Spring at school tomorrow and of course with the change of routine where their school uniforms are place aside for a more relaxed set of home attire - well, you can just imagine all the excitement.

The days preceding have found my now chubbier looking fingers knitting up a little something for our little human due earth side in the not so distant future. I had left over baby knit from the slip on booties I made in the beginning of this adventure. This little bunny reflects all things Spring don’t you think? And, I must add that its so superfast and easy to knit up too. I am not taking or making any claim to the pattern – but for the life of me I can’t find the picture tutorial that was once shared on my Facebook wall and I thought it would be so super sweet to share this for you to give it a go, if you would like. My Bunny Project will be on Ravelry and as soon as I know who to give credit to I will be sure to share it there.

Spring Day Bunny

Plain knit (or garter knit) a square.

Fold in half and make a rough stitch through the centre.

Keep stitch going from the one end to the centre of the top first row and then back down to the other side of the centre.

This should make a triangle through the top half of the square.

Where the piece of yarn meets at the one corner of the triangle meets slowly pull both sides together to for the head with the ears.

Before tightly pulling the piece together add your filling and then sew up and fill and sew together what is left of the outer edges to form the bunny body.

I will be leaving said bunny plain with no added adornments as it will be for our new born litte one.

You on the other hand can now go crazy-town on eyes and a pretty little bow and whatever your heart desires.

I thought this would be lovely for Easter gifts too – too early to be thinking about that? Nope – never to early!

Blessings for Spring (or Autumn) my sweet dear friends…

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